Development at TAFISA Interact Project

TAFISA Interact Project has picked up the pace – the Project partners from different International Sports Organizations (ISO’s) are very actively, seriously and deeply working within different sections (chapters) which they are responsible for.

For example, Project Partners from the International Dance Organization (IDO) are working on and developing a document under the title “Pledge for Sports for All and Physical Activity Promotion” (Chapter IO2). IDO has already worked out the Pledge version 1.0 which will be developed and improved more in the nearest months.

CBI (International Association of Boules Sports) are working on Chapter IO6 – “Capacity Building in Sport for All and Physical Activity” which is a very serious studying material how to empower of staff and ISO’s to promote the Sport for All and Physical Activity, how to train the staff and volunteers of National Federation and Grassroot Organizations.

International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is working on Chapter IO5 “ISO’s Sport for All and Physical Activity Toolkit”. In the future this Toolkit will be available online for every person who would like to start to go in for different sports activities.

International Fistaball Asociation (IFA) is working and developing Chapter IO4 “ISO’s Good Practices Online Platform”.

TAFISA Office is working on a chapter - how to create & develop a concept for a totally brand new INTERACT International Sport for All Event which would be Multidiscipline Sport for All Festival where different kind of sports would be involved and represented (Chapter IO7).

Project Team and Project Partners were invited to a Project Meeting and Consultation Workshop which was held in a form of a hybrid meeting (partly with presence of Project Partners and partly remotely). The Meeting and the Workshop took place in Linz, Austria on June 28-29, 2021.

Guest representatives from 12 different International Sports Federations were invited to participate at this Consultation Workshop remotely – in order they could get acquainted with the Project activities, directions and the progress as well as to spread their experiences and also to discuss different topics regarding Sports for All and Physical Activities.

Unfortunately due to different Covid restrictions none of WMF representatives did not visit this meeting in live, but Marcus Larinen and Verners Kirss participated at this event remotely.

The Consultation Workshop started in the afternnon of Day 1. All invited Guest Sports Organizations made short but very interesting presentations about their organizations, structures, their sports activities and especially about the Grassroot Sports activities within their organizations.

The most interesting discussions took place on Day 2 when the participants were divided into 4 groups and 4 different discussion rooms were created using the remote mode. So, everyone had a chance to participate and to discuss 4 different topics (IO2, IO5, IO6 and IO7) of the Project and to give his / her input. Some new and very interesting ideas were created as well as interesting quesions occured.

At the end of Day 2 TAFISA Project Leaders’ Team and all Project Partners had a Project Meeting. All participants came to the conclusion that the project is running smoothly and going to the right direction and the project progress seemed very perspective.

The next Project live Meeting – INTERACT Project Conference - will take place in Frankfurt, October 5-6, 2021.

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