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Results U23 Nations Cup 2018 Cheb (CZE)

On May 19 and 20th 2018 the U23 Nations Cup will be played in Cheb, Czech Republic.

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We wish everybody lots of fun, good luck, good weather and fair play!

SportAccord 2018 report

Now that SportAccord 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand, has come to an end it is time for a short recap of what the officials of the World Minigolf Sport Federation have been doing during the Convention.

Over 1800 people from all over the world participated in the event, which took place in the Bangkok Convention Center from 16th until the 20th of April 2018.

WMF was represented by President Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann, Secretary General Silke Bernardi and Finance Manager Peter Joost Middag. During the 5 days there were many official and unofficial meetings with all kind of organisations related to sport.

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WMF attending SportAccord 2018 In Bangkok

From 15th until the 20th of April the World Minigolf Sport Federation is present at SportAccord 2018 in Bangkok Thailand. We are represented by the President Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann, Secretary General Silke Bernardi and Finance Manager Peter Joost Middag. We are having lots of meetings with many positive outcome. All for the benefit of our sport.

On the picture a present was handed over by the President of GAISF and SportAccord Patrick Baumann to Gerhard Zimmermann. Also on the picture the President of AIMS Stephan Fox and his assistant Charissa Tynan.

Obituary Bruno Gerstner

We have lost a friend…

Today we received very sad news about the President of the Asia Minigolf Sport Federation. Bruno Gerstner died after having a heartattack at only 58 years of age.

In October 2016 Bruno was elected as President of the Asia Minigolf Sport Federation, after being Secretary General for many years before. And was the representative for Asia inside our Executive Committee.

Bruno lived his life in China for many years, but was originally from Forbach, Germany. In the last year he was again living with his mother in Langenbrand, Germany and has also received medical treatment there.

In Bruno's words "Life can be so hard, so we should enjoy any moment which God gives us"

Our thoughts and our hearts are with Bruno’s family. We will continue his passion to develop minigolf to a top sport in China and Asia.

We certainly will never forget him.

World Minigolf Sport Federation

Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann

The Georgian Minigolf Federation celebrates

The Georgian Minigolf Federation are celebrating double achievements this month

Following active engagement with schools and universities, The Federation held ‘The Tbilisi City Hall Cup’ on 06 November 2017.

5 top universities in Georgia competed at the event held in Tbilisi City Hall; the event was covered by mainstream media and City Hall Press Corp, as well as print media from the universities.

Following this event the Minister of Culture and Sports of Georgia issued an order on 01 February 2018 recognising minigolf as a separate sport from golf.

As a result of this fantastic recognition the Georgian Minigolf Federation has worked so hard to achieve; The World Minigolf Sport Federation are proud to announce the 2018 WMF grant of 6 portable lanes from Gold Sponsor Minigolf35 has been awarded to The Georgian Minigolf Federation.

This follows an invitation to the young and small national federations of the WMF to submit an application for the lanes, with each federation being invited to report how the lanes would be used to promote minigolf in their countries.

The award will enable further development of student sport and several locations are currently being sourced where the lanes can be used.

Besarion Tediashvili, President of The Georgian Minigolf Federation said “our federation had received great support from the WMF and I cannot find enough words to express our appreciation for the effort Dr Zimmermann and Secretary General Silke Bernardi put in to support the forming of the Georgian Minigolf Federation. This recognition and the awarding of the 6 lanes will a more active participation in all WMF events.”

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