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Iran Minigolf Competition of “National Week of Physical Education and Sport”


On the occasion of “National Physical Education and Sport Week” in Iran and in commemoration and gratitude of efforts of all staff from different organizational levels of Ministry of Sport and Youth (MSY), National Olympic Committee (NOC) and National Para-Olympic Committee (NPC), the first round of a nationwide festival of Minigolf competition was held by Iran Minigolf Association in Miniator Minigolf site, Mellat Park, Tehran on Thursday, October 22nd , 2020.

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Press release of the International Paralympic Committee

The World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF) is proud to be involved with the United Through Sports (UTS) 2020 World Virtual Youth Festival.

An important part of this festival is the International Paralympics Committee's ‘Inclusive Sports’ Challenge.  This event is open to all and allows participants to develop their own exercise routines based on their skill levels. 

This encourages everyone, regardless of skill or ability, to show off something they can accomplish and encourage others to as well. The qualification period is now open for interested competitors.  For more information, see the linked press release: press release of the International Paralympic Committee


Take your chance! - First ever UTS Virtual Youth Festival!

United Through Sports is having a virtual youth festival this year and one of the key events is a minigolf trick shot challenge.

We are calling on all our members age 10-23
to represent the world of minigolf against all challengers across the world.

You may have proved your skills on the course but can you come up with the most creative trick shot to show the
world that no one does minigolf better than the WMF?

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The Second Round of Mini-Golf Media Cup

On Sept. 24, 2020 the second round of the Mini-Golf Media Cup was held at Mini-Golf site of Enghelab Sports Complex in Tehran with participation of more than 70 media people from 50 media.

"Iran Mini-Golf Association has accepted the role of the media as a pillar of development and has paid attention to their role.", Hamid Azizi, President of the Mini-golf Association,  at the closing ceremony of the Cup.

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