WMF Celebrates Pride in June and All Year Long

June has been a very busy month for miniature golf around the world and in addition to the return of major competitons, June also marks the celebration of Pride Month, which commemorates the LGBTTIQ+ community and the beginning of the LGBTTIQ+ rights movement with the Stonewall Riots. At the World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF), we celebrate that the sport of minigolf embraces diversity at all levels. 

Embedded in the WMF core values of Teamwork and Respect is that we do not tolerate discrimination of any type, including discrimination of LGBTTIQ+ individuals. We encourage our players and members to celebrate their pride on the minigolf course, and in their daily lives including on social media, not only during June but all year around.

Let's show the world that all love is welcome on the minigolf course! 

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