WMF 2021 Project Support - Germany

Each year, the WMF provides national federations with an opportunity to apply for funds to support projects within their countries. Federations can be granted up to 1,000 EUR for projects that fall within a variety of categories including, but not limited to:

  • Building up local or regional sports structures
  • Attracting youth players
  • Referee or coach education
  • Supporting people with disabilities
  • Gender equality and equity and
  • Sustainability

One of the projects funded in 2021 was in Germany and went to the applicant Deutschen Minigolfsport Verband e.V. (DMV). This project was focused on supporting live streaming of the 2021 Schöller Feltgolf Masters Finals in Olching in September.

Live streaming is an important component of getting recognition for minigolf and showing people around the world the competitive side of sport. The supporting funds from the WMF were used to help rent higher quality technical equipment, including transportation, to improve the professionalism of the live streams. 

Many lessons were learned during the event, from volume of people needed to support coverage, to best ways to organize and direct action, to how to make sure these lessons are applied to future events both in Germany and worldwide. The livestream can still be watched here

Tobias Heintze, of the DMV, discussed that more streaming will be done in 2022, starting with the Feltgolf Masters, using new technology as determined during the project.  He has this to say about the project overall, “The youth and young adults who made the streaming possible were very motivated. We expect the same again this year. The project is a great way to connect with them beyond our sport.”

The WMF is proud to have had the opportunity to assist with this venture and is hopeful and supportive of the continued growth of the sport in Germany. 

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