WMF and EMF Statement on Ukraine

Common Statement of the World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF) and the European Minigolfsport Federation (EMF) regarding the war activities of Russia and Belarus against Ukraine

Russian Golf Association (Minigolf Committee) and Belarusian Golf Association

WMF and EMF strongly condemn the martial act of war against Ukraine initiated by Russia and supported by Belarus.

The WMF Presidential Committee and the EMF Executive Committee agree on the following actions against Russian Golf Association (Minigolf Committee) (RUS) and Belarusian Golf Association (BLR) in full solidarity with Ukraine with immediate effect and until further notice:

  • - ban of all officials of the WMF members from RUS and BLR and discontinuation of all communications with these officials
  • - cancellation of all international minigolf events on the territory of RUS and BLR
  • - ban on participation of all athletes from RUS and BLR from international minigolf championships and competitions following the strong recommendation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

WMF and EMF believe in the important value of sport in peace and will follow further the continued recommendation of the IOC. This decision is valid until the war situation is ended after a regarding de-escalation and until a further notice is given by WMF Presidential Committee and EMF Executive Committee.

See official letter here.

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