Dr. Zimmermann Re-Elected AIMS Secretary General

AIMS General Assembly took place on the virtual platform with one main agenda point being the AIMS Council re-election from the period of 2021-2025. President Stephen Fox, who has been leading AIMS since 2015, made an extensive report highlighting the achievements of AIMS over the last five years.

During this meeting Stephen Fox was re-elected as President.  In addition, Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann, President of the World Minigolf Sport Federation, was re-elected as the Secretary General during this same assembly. Dr. Zimmermann has been in this position since 2015.

AIMS has become a credible and respectable member of the Olympic family receiving full IOC recognition as an IF umbrella body for sports striving towards Olympic recognition in 2020.

Other highlights of the meeting included discussion of the AIMS members who have received full IOC recognition and the UTS World Virtual Youth Festival. Other results from the AIMS election included Panagiotis Theodoropoulos elected as the 1st Vice President and Dr Julie Gabriel as the 2nd Vice President, Treasurer Kei Izawa, and council members, Mike Thomas, Helen Lundberg, Sabine Shanahan, Gaston Parage, Marius Vizer Jr and certainly Michal Buchel.

For the full press release from AIMS, click here.

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