WMF to Participate in TAFISA World Walking Day

Sunday, October 3, is TAFISA (The Association for International Sport for All) World Walking Day, a day developed to build bridges and connections between people around the world. As a partner with TAFISA and a proponent of the Sport for All movement, the WMF encourages our members to participate in this day.
Launched in 1991, TAFISA World Walking Day has provided a simple and fun way to be physically active and celebrate Sport for All against the global crisis of physical inactivity. Over three decades, dozens of millions of people hailing from over a hundred and sixty countries have made a habit of walking together on the first Sunday of October, turning it into “World Walking Day”.
How do you participate? Here's the simple steps:
1) Make a video of yourself, or other participants, while being active out on the minigolf course and passing the baton from the right to the left hand side, facing the camera.
2) In the same video, while you are passing the baton, stop your activity for a second and tell us who/what you are passing the baton for - whether in the name of a loved one, for your favourite cause, or to support something important to you.
3) At (or close) to 10am local time, post the video. Be creative - pass it after making an ace, teeing off through an obstacle or pass it to others you are playing with! As you pass make sure you talk about what is important to you. Make sure you tag it with #WorldWalkingDay and #Minigolf and if you want, send the video to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Let's go out and pass the minigolf baton around the globe! 

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