Announcement regarding the World Deaf Minigolf Championships 2021, Bamberg, Germany

The current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic situation seems to be slowly improving, but there are still travel restrictions and lockdowns in some parts of the world. It is very difficult to imagine World Championships being played in July, even in a reasonably restricted manner with adjusted schedules and accompanying events around the championships, such as opening and closing ceremonies, etc. Travel restrictions regarding entry into Germany are currently being relaxed, but visitors from some potential participating countries would still possibly have to undergo quarantine on entry at present. It is also unclear what size of events can take place in the city of Bamberg in July. Many teams also face quarantine upon return from Germany. Furthermore, our participant survey of May 17 revealed that there is reluctance to participate. We believe that not all nations and individuals who wish to participate in the World Championships will be able to do so in July. The organizers would suffer significant losses with a smaller field of participants and at the same time incur higher costs by ensuring a safe championship.

Therefore, the World Deaf Minigolf Championships 2021 is hereby cancelled.

The organizers have confirmed their intention to hold the event in 2022 and so we are looking forward to the World Deaf Minigolf Championships 2022 in Bamberg.

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