Announcement regarding the Youth World Championships 2021, Murnau, Germany

The current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic situation seems to be improving slowly, with several parts of the
world still experiencing travel restrictions and lockdowns though. It is very hard to imagine that it
would be possible to play a YWC in August, even in reasonably limited version with adjusted
procedures and accompanying events around the championships, like opening and closing
ceremonies etc. Travel restrictions regarding entry to Germany are loosening at the moment, but still
at present visitors from some potential participating countries would need to do a quarantine at entry.
It is also unclear, which size of events can be held in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in August.
Many teams might further face quarantines at return from Germany. We feel that not all nations
willing to participate in YWC might be able to do so in August. Consequently, it would be unfair to
those WMF member nations if the tournament remained as a “world championship” event. The
organizers would face considerable losses with smaller field of participants, at the same time having
higher costs by guaranteeing a safe championship.

Therefore, the Minigolf Youth World Championships 2021 is hereby cancelled.

The organizers have confirmed even after two cancellations their will to hold the event in 2022 and
so we are looking forward to the YWC 2022 in Murnau on August 9th to 13th 2022.

At the same time WMF, DMV and MGC Murnau are working together on an alternative international
event with the working title “World Youth Grand Prix” on August 13th to 14th 2021 for all those teams
who are willing and able to participate. Judging by the initial feedback the interest is high if
circumstances allow. We had an online working meeting last Monday with all organizing parties and
several youth teams and will come with the details regarding this event very soon. So don’t cancel
your reservations completely yet, there may be a chance for some international minigolf in Murnau
in August after all. Stay tuned!

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