Announcement regarding World Adventure Golf Masters 2021, Kuopio, Finland

The deadline announced last month by WMF has now been reached. Unfortunately the circumstances in Finland and around global travelling as per today allow us no chance to guarantee that WAGM 2021 could be organized in agreed schedule and a reasonable field of participants would have a chance to travel to Kuopio without facing unreasonable restrictions. There might be a chance that the situation would just about change locally by then, but it is hard to see the Finnish entry and international travel restrictions being lifted by June.

I have been in regular contact with the local contract partner Bellanpuisto Oy as well as with the Finnish Minigolf Association and want to thank especially Mr. Antti Pakkala, the head of the organizing committee for his good cooperation and always open discussions, during which we have evaluated different scenarios and possibilities. We have together come to a unanimous decision:

World Adventure Golf Masters 2021 is hereby cancelled.

We also evaluated the possibility of organizing the event later in the summer, but the organizer Kuopio Adventure Golf Club together with Adventure Golf Bellanpuisto and its partners would really like to host the whole minigolf world in Kuopio and not just some teams who might be able to travel to an event which would not do justice neither to the fantastic premises and conditions in Kuopio nor to the status of WAGM. So, it was decided to hold a world event later in Kuopio. And here comes the news.

Together with Mr. Pakkala, his team, Finnish Minigolf Association, Adventure Gumpoldskirchen and Austrian Minigolf Federation we have come to the following decision:

World Adventure Golf Masters 2022 will be held in Kuopio, Finland on June 17th-19th, 2022.
World Adventure Golf Masters 2023 will be held in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria on later announced dates (in June).

I thank all parties for the extremely smooth cooperation in this matter, which makes the life so much easier in these difficult times and gives hope for great events in the next years.

Furthermore, the local organizer in Kuopio is thinking ahead and has postponed the Finnish Adventure Golf Masters 2021 from the original dates in May to August 28th-29th, 2021, which hopefully will open the possibility for some international participants to have a first go on the WAGM course in Kuopio.

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