Exclusive Interview with MOS-Tour Sponsor - Tom Lundgren

As a bonus interview, The WMF got the chance to talk to Tom Lundgren at City Golf. City Golf will step in as the main sponsor for the new MOS-tour in Sweden, there of the name City Golf Tour. We asked Tom 3 questions as well and here is how he answered…

WMF: Was it obvious that City Golf should jump in as a sponsor in this minigolf project?

Tom: Yes, it is really a great project. The concept is great and we at City Golf felt that we needed to be apart of this journey.

WMF: By being seen as the main sponsor, do you hope that more people will get their eyes up for minigolf in general and the courses you provide at City Golf?

Tom: Yes, this project will be good for minigolf and for the MOS-surface in particular. The minigolf sport needs to grow and if it grows it will be positive for City Golf as well. So, it is a win-win situation. Also, now when the events are planned to be setup in a professional way, it is going to make it easier and more exciting to approach. Clubs that have been building MOS-courses to this date, have for sure developed into something more than they were before. So, I would say that this concept will be good for all the surfaces. MOS has shown to be great for new players and when they are in, it will just spread onto the other surfaces and evolve the sport.

WMF: City Golf has signed a sponsorship for three years. Do you think that MOS will be the future of minigolf?

Tom: We have seen that MOS has grown all over Europa over the years and more wants to be apart of the success it creates. In that aspect it is fun to be able to help minigolf moving forward. Also, when this new MOS-Tour allows international players to compete, it will for sure add to the buzz around MOS on a global scale, which only going make more people see the possibilities. We know that there have been question marks around MOS for a long time, therefore we hope that an event like this will change a lot of minds. MOS will add value to the minigolf sport and that is why our three-year sponsorship will be an exciting road ahead.

The WMF wants to thank Tom for this short interview and we wish him and City Golf the best of luck with their upcoming work.

Website: www.citygolf.se

Facebook: www.facebook.com/citygolfeurope

Instagram: www.instagram.com/citygolfeurope

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