WMF announcement on decision-making about the 2021 International Championships

This is a joint announcement together with Asian Minigolf Sport Federation, Africa Minigolf Federation and Oceania Minigolf. The European Minigolf Sport Federation has already published its own statement on March 16th. The American continental federation has not confirmed their continental championships for 2021 until today.

We acknowledge the continued problematic global pandemic situation with the COVID-19 virus and all the different legal restrictions the situation is bringing locally as well as in terms of travelling across the borders. However, we don’t want to lose the hope of holding safe minigolf championships before it is absolutely necessary based on local circumstances of the respective events.
Our contacts to the potential participant teams of the events have shown that the athletes are ready to wait, and if possible also compete in events which may have a reduced programme around the tournament itself. We must always keep in mind that we will organize any championship only if it is generally considered as safe to do so and local authorities allow the event to be held. It has been very positive to hear from the member nations that they are willing to play if possible, and that the flame for minigolf sport is still burning strongly.
We also want to thank the local organizers for their cooperative attitude and respecting the will of the athletes to wait with the decisions as long as possible, considering the necessary commitments they have made with external suppliers and costs which may arise thereof.

To the facts: Currently the WMF Worldwide International Regulations define after the latest changes made last year that 2022 is a year with the World Championships of General Class and the rotation of other championships is consequently defined in those regulations. Whether the WC 2022 can be held or not, will be decided by WMF within fewmonths from now. Around this decision and decisions on the 2021 continental
championships we have defined the following scenarios for the general class:

Scenario 1: At least 3 out of 4 continental championships (Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania) will be played in 2021
--> Option 1: WC will be organized in 2022; in this case next continental championships year would be in 2023
--> Option 2: WC will be organized in 2023; in this case those continental championships which weren’t played in 2021 can be postponed to

Scenario 2: 2 or fewer out of 4 continental championships will be played in 2021
--> WC will be organized in 2023 and continental championships not played in 2021 can be postponed to 2022

In case of scenario 1 / option 2 those continents who hosted the continental championships in 2021 can hold a continental Grand Prix Event with support of WMF, if they wish to do so. Same applies for scenario 2.

Regarding the decisions on possible cancellations of the 2021 events under the umbrellas of WMF and the continental federations behind this announcement, we have together with the local organizing committees and responsible national associations created the following schedule:

U23 Nations Cup (scheduled 22.-23.05.) – decision deadline 20.03.
International Speed Minigolf Championships (03.-05.06.) – WMF will follow the
decisions of the main event organizer CSIT
World Adventure Golf Masters (11.-13.06.) – decision deadline 20.04.
World Deaf Minigolf Championships (16.-17.07.) – decision deadline 30.05.
Youth World Championships (10.-14.08.) – decision deadline 20.05.
Open African Championships (24.-26.09.) – decision deadline 20.07.
Open Asian Championships (13.-16.10.) – decision deadline 20.07.
Oceania Open (dates not defined yet) – to be discussed with Oceania Minigolf when dates are set

Regarding alternative events and / or schedules for the next WAGM, WDMC and YWC we will inform you as soon as the decisions for 2021 have been made.

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