New World Ranking lists 01.01.2017

Through the links below you can find the new World Ranking lists, dated 1st of January 2017.

Mistakes may occur in manual work, so please let us know if you find some in these lists, and we'll change them for the next editions, which will come out soon and include the category changes for the season 2017.


I have received lots of enquiries, when the lists will be published. Yes, we are very late, but please bear in mind that this work is done completely on voluntary basis and we all have also our daytime jobs, families etc. So I can't do anything else than again thank the list managers for their big job. Should someone want to participate in this or another task and help WMF TC, you know where you'll find me. ;-)

It would also be very helpful, if nations sent their results from national championships earlier and voluntarily, and not only after the third reminder in November, as now is the case for some nations. Those who take care of this early in the summer, many thanks for it!

Now, you might also wonder why this edition is called 1/2017 with date of January 1, 2017. Earlier it would have been 2/2016 with date December 31, 2016. 

The change is due to the fact that the latest list of previous year (in this case 2016) is required (by WADA rules) for constituting the WMF Registered Test Pool. These names must be known at the very beginning of the year, and we never can provide the list so quickly. That's why we swapped the list numbers and the list from the summer 2016 will now be used for RTP 2017.

Pasi Aho
WMF Sport Director

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