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Italian Federation Celebrates Peace and Sport

Since 2014, April 6th has been the www.april6.org International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP).  This is commemorated each year by international sport organizations to honor the role that sport plays in society. In 2021, the Peace and Sport organization wanted to highlight “the testimonies of real people who have personally or collectively measured the positive impact of a peace-through-sport project”.  This was done with an online campaign, urging people to share their stories through the April6.org platform and through using the
#Whitecard hashtag on social media.

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WMF celebrates Pride Month

Join our social media Minigolf Pride Campaign!
June marks the celebration of Pride Month, which commemorates the LGBTTIQ+ community and the beginning of the LGBTTIQ+ rights movement with the Stonewall Riots. At the World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF), we celebrate that the sport of minigolf embraces diversity at all levels. Two of our core values are Teamwork and Respect. 

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Exclusive Sponsor Interview - 3D Minigolf!

In this interview, media committee member Wilhelm Bauer talked with Friedl Hofstädter, founder and CEO of 3D Minigolf. 3D is the number 1 producer of professional minigolf balls. Besides that, 3D produces minigolf balls for amateurs, as well as minigolf and golf putters. They discuss the impact of Covid-19, the chances that have come up during this crisis for the minigolf sport and tips for minigolf players about how to make the best out of this pandemic. Klick here to get to the 
Interview with 3D Minigolf.

Minigolf Youth World Grand Prix 2021 in Murnau, Germany

WMF together with DMV and MGC Murnau are proud to announce the alternative event for the cancelled YWC 2021 – Minigolf Youth World Grand Prix 2021 in Murnau, Germany.

The official event dates are from Tuesday, August 10th to Saturday, August 14th. Tuesday to Thursday are official training days and Friday to Saturday the tournament days. The official invitation will come out in around 10 days’ time, but here are some rough guidelines:
Youth national teams are entitled to participate, most likely with max. 12 players per nation. It will be a strokeplay event for individual youth girls and youth boys. A team competition for teams of four (with one result cancelled each round) will be included. We are also considering the possibility to
form teams from several nations, so that smaller nations could also participate in the team competition.

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