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MINI GOLF 35 rejoins WMF as Goldsponsor

We are glad to welcome Mini Golf 35 from Izmir, Turkey back as WMF Goldsponsor after some years’ absence. After a meeting at Istanbul Congress & Exhibition Fair in February Mini Golf 35 quickly decided to support the current strategy of WMF and growth of minigolf sport.

The co-founder and managing partner of Mini Golf 35 company, Mr. Ozkan TURKAN shortly summarized their own ideas for the future of minigolf sport in Turkey and worldwide as follows:

We are very proud of being part of WMF as Goldsponsor again to support their activities to add new member countries each year, so that the presence of minigolf would be really worldwide and this will help WMF and minigolf to receive the status of IOC recognized sport in the near future.

For the last 15 years we are manufacturing portable minigolf courses and until today we have achieved to set up for millions of minigolf lovers in Turkey. This year we are providing our maximum support for the foundation of official Turkish Mini Golf Federation under “Turkish Sport Ministry”, so that this activity is accepted as one of the official sports in Turkey and we can see more professional Turkish minigolf players in international platforms and organizations.

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Please click on the links below to see the startlists of the third day of the World Championships General Class 2017, scheduled for Friday September 22nd, starting at 8:00. As stated in the invitation a double round a 36 holes will be played by all players and it will be a shotgun start. Please take notice on which coure you are expected at the start of the third competition day. After the double round the best 15 men and the best 9 women (including the players with equal scores) will qualifiy for the strokeplay final. If necessary there will be sudden deaths for the qualification for Saturdays matchplay finals (best 32 men and 16 women). Startlist World Championships Day 3 Feltgolf Startlist World Championships Day 3 Miniaturegolf
Please click on the link below to see the startlists of the second day of the World Championships General Class 2017, scheduled for Thursday September 21st, starting at 8:00 (play until 19:00 again) Startlist World Championships Day 2 Women Startlist World Championships Day 2 Men In men's team competition regrouping is not possible. In women's competition regrouping was made based on results after Round 3. Possible overnight substitutions and following changes of positions inside the team are done at first possibility.
Please click on the link below to read the pre event press release of the WMF Minigolf World Championships 2017: Press release WMF Minigolf World Championships 2017

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