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MINI GOLF 35 rejoins WMF as Goldsponsor

We are glad to welcome Mini Golf 35 from Izmir, Turkey back as WMF Goldsponsor after some years’ absence. After a meeting at Istanbul Congress & Exhibition Fair in February Mini Golf 35 quickly decided to support the current strategy of WMF and growth of minigolf sport.

The co-founder and managing partner of Mini Golf 35 company, Mr. Ozkan TURKAN shortly summarized their own ideas for the future of minigolf sport in Turkey and worldwide as follows:

We are very proud of being part of WMF as Goldsponsor again to support their activities to add new member countries each year, so that the presence of minigolf would be really worldwide and this will help WMF and minigolf to receive the status of IOC recognized sport in the near future.

For the last 15 years we are manufacturing portable minigolf courses and until today we have achieved to set up for millions of minigolf lovers in Turkey. This year we are providing our maximum support for the foundation of official Turkish Mini Golf Federation under “Turkish Sport Ministry”, so that this activity is accepted as one of the official sports in Turkey and we can see more professional Turkish minigolf players in international platforms and organizations.

WMF signs new Goldsponsor contract with M&G Minigolf

The World Minigolf Sport Federation is proud to announce we were able to attract a new Goldsponsor. Well, not really new, M&G Minigolf is back as a supporter of minigolf, after sponsorship was cancelled a few yours ago.

Many thanks to owner Ingo Hoogen for his willingness to support WMF and our beloved minigolfsport. We wish him and his company all the best for the future and are looking forward working together for many years to come !!

New World Ranking lists 01.01.2017

Through the links below you can find the new World Ranking lists, dated 1st of January 2017.

Mistakes may occur in manual work, so please let us know if you find some in these lists, and we'll change them for the next editions, which will come out soon and include the category changes for the season 2017.


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WMF Minigolf Croatian Grand Prix 2017 is getting closer and closer... On May 12th the installation of the first miniature golf lanes started at Zaton Holiday Resort in Nin, Croatia. The courses will be finished in about two weeks time, just in time for Grand Prix...  
With only 3 weeks before the first Minigolf Championships at Zaton Holiday Resort in Nin, Croatia we are proud to announce the WMF Championships 2017 website is now online. You might say, well, that's a bit late... And you are right!
For those of you who are curious about what type of lanes you can expect at the feltgolf course and miniaturegolf course at Zaton Holiday Resort, please find the lists below. Feltgolf Miniaturegolf The construction will begin on May 12th and will finish in about two weeks time, just in time for Grand Prix... Pictures will be provided during construction as much as possible.

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