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Take your chance! - First ever UTS Virtual Youth Festival!

United Through Sports is having a virtual youth festival this year and one of the key events is a minigolf trick shot challenge.

We are calling on all our members age 10-23
to represent the world of minigolf against all challengers across the world.

You may have proved your skills on the course but can you come up with the most creative trick shot to show the
world that no one does minigolf better than the WMF?

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The Second Round of Mini-Golf Media Cup

On Sept. 24, 2020 the second round of the Mini-Golf Media Cup was held at Mini-Golf site of Enghelab Sports Complex in Tehran with participation of more than 70 media people from 50 media.

"Iran Mini-Golf Association has accepted the role of the media as a pillar of development and has paid attention to their role.", Hamid Azizi, President of the Mini-golf Association,  at the closing ceremony of the Cup.

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Iran Minigolf Potentials

El Goli Minigolf site, Tabriz, East Azarbaijan Province
El Goli  (Azarbaijani, El Gölü: ائل‌گؤلو; Persian:ائل‌گلی), also called Shah Goli (Persian: شاه‌گلی‎, Azarbaijani: Şah Gölü) is a large historical park in the south east region of Tabriz, Iran. It is considered to be among the most popular and famous tourist attraction in Tabriz and includes one of the most popular Mini-golf coruses of Iran. 
Follow this link to the YouTube video 

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Ardabil Mini golf Ceremony of Velāyat Festival

On the occasion of arrival of Velāyat Decade, Ardabil city held a provincial Mini-golf Festival. Sponsored by Namin Ceramic Company, and under supervision and assistance Ardabil Province Minigolf Board, the ceremony was held on Wednesday, August 12, 2020, in compliance with all health protocols and with the slogan of “We defeat Corona”. This ceremony was held at the mini golf site of Samā Park in Ardabil province with the attendance of Ali Rostami, CEO of Namin Ceramic Company and Mehrdad Kaboli, Director of Ardabil Province Minigolf Board. In this ceremony, the male and female champions of the provincial competitions were honored with prizes and certificates. 

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