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Malta Joins WMF

On July 26, 2020, Malta, via the Malta Sport For All (MSFA) organization, became the latest member of the World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF) as approved by the Executive Committee. The Republic of Malta, which sits off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, is a country of about 500 thousand. Marco Tomasini, General Secretary of MSFA, talked a little about the sport in Malta and the aims of becoming a WMF member. 

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Ardabil Mini golf competition of Kerāmat Festival in Iran

We got notice from the Ardabil Mini golf competition of Kerāmat Festival in Iran!

On the occasion of arrival of the 10 days of the Kerāmat Decade and in commemoration of these blessed days, a provincial Minigolf competition was held in Ardabil city of Ardebil Province in observing all Anti-covid hygienic and health protocols.

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WMF video published by AIMS

On Tuesday 21st of april a video from WMF was published by AIMS (The Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport), both on their website and Facebook.

It features creative minigolfers who putt at home during these very special times. It includes minigolfers of different ages and both amateurs and pros.

Link to AIMS news and the video.

The video shows that minigolf is a sport for people of all ages and abilities. The WMF core values are integrity, teamwork, respect, passion and connecting generations. Minigolf is both a leisure activity and a top-level sport. We hope that this video will inspire others to do the same - putt at home.

Use the hashtag #puttathome and be creative. Let’s play!

Guest blog: Jordan Fuller (USA) about Putting

What´s The Best Way To Practice Your Putting Stroke During Winter? (It´s Minigolf)

The winter typically means bad weather, frigid temperatures, and golf course closures. Unless you live in a warm climate like Florida, the winter is a tough time to perfect your golf skills. Most importantly, putting can fall by the wayside very quickly if not practiced regularly. Instead of buying a new home in Florida or buying a timeshare, a better way to practice is minigolf. 

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UTS conference United Through Minigolf - Building Bridges

WMF organized on October 22, 2019 in cooperation with United Through Sports and the main sponsor of the World Championships 2019 Invengo Group Company Limited an UTS conference in Zhouzhuang, China. Julia Govinden, CEO of United Through Sports made now a clip out of the video material which was provided by WMF and Invengo. The title of the conference was "United Through Minigolf - Building Bridges".

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