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WMF Seeks New Anti-Doping Officer

The current WMF Anti-Doping Officer, Karolína Jandová, is stepping down from her position and we are looking for qualified candidates to assist the WMF with this critical position. The position is mostly suitable for reliable and responsible candidates who have at least a basic understanding in the Anti-Doping field, medicine and Data Protection issues but any very motivated person with a high drive to learn new things and to support our lovely sport of minigolf also in this way is very welcome! The only specific condition is that you should be able to communicate fluently in English to understand WADA requests and WMF communication and information. The support from WMF is guaranteed - you will not have to learn anything from scratch!

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WMF 2021 Project Support - Germany

Each year, the WMF provides national federations with an opportunity to apply for funds to support projects within their countries. Federations can be granted up to 1,000 EUR for projects that fall within a variety of categories including, but not limited to:

  • Building up local or regional sports structures
  • Attracting youth players
  • Referee or coach education
  • Supporting people with disabilities
  • Gender equality and equity and
  • Sustainability

One of the projects funded in 2021 was in Germany and went to the applicant Deutschen Minigolfsport Verband e.V. (DMV). This project was focused on supporting live streaming of the 2021 Schöller Feltgolf Masters Finals in Olching in September.

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Exclusive Sponsor Interview - City Golf!

This is the fifth in a series of interviews with individuals representing the various companies that sponsor our organization.  Media Chair Pat Sheridan sat down with Conny Johansson to discuss City Golf's products, their passion for quality, their connection to the sport and where he sees minigolf going from a competitive and leisure perspective.  A City Golf course will be featured at the 2022 World Adventure Golf Masters in Kuopio, Finland.   See the video on our YouTube page and  check out the playlist for all the interviews done so far. 

WMF and EMF Statement on Ukraine

Common Statement of the World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF) and the European Minigolfsport Federation (EMF) regarding the war activities of Russia and Belarus against Ukraine

Russian Golf Association (Minigolf Committee) and Belarusian Golf Association

WMF and EMF strongly condemn the martial act of war against Ukraine initiated by Russia and supported by Belarus.

The WMF Presidential Committee and the EMF Executive Committee agree on the following actions against Russian Golf Association (Minigolf Committee) (RUS) and Belarusian Golf Association (BLR) in full solidarity with Ukraine with immediate effect and until further notice:

  • - ban of all officials of the WMF members from RUS and BLR and discontinuation of all communications with these officials
  • - cancellation of all international minigolf events on the territory of RUS and BLR
  • - ban on participation of all athletes from RUS and BLR from international minigolf championships and competitions following the strong recommendation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

WMF and EMF believe in the important value of sport in peace and will follow further the continued recommendation of the IOC. This decision is valid until the war situation is ended after a regarding de-escalation and until a further notice is given by WMF Presidential Committee and EMF Executive Committee.

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Celebrating the International Day of Education

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24 January as International Day of Education, in celebration of the role of education for peace and development and 2022 will mark the fourth year of this occasion.  The theme for 2022 is “Change Course, Transforming Education” and it focuses on balancing our relationships with technology and education, as well as continuing the struggle for equity, inclusion and democratic participation in educational paths.

Miniature golf is a sport that is uniquely suited to fit with an educational program.  A couple of years ago Minigolfnews ran a series on how miniature golf was being used in classrooms and throughout the year one can find articles highlighting the same. It can be used with nearly any age student from their earliest years in the classroom through college/university.

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