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Bamberg, Germany - In a first of its kind for minigolf, the World Minigolf Sport Federation announces the creation of the WMF World Adventure Golf Tour (WAGT), which will kick off in May 2023 and culminate in a 2023 Tour Final in early 2024.  It is the first official worldwide Adventure Golf tour which looks to capitalize on the success of established Adventure Golf tournaments in several countries around the world.  The vision is for international Adventure Golf to be as accessible as possible and for Adventure Golf to have a global following. 

The schedule will consist of 12 tournaments across 11 countries and 3 continents.  Participants in each tournament will earn Tour ranking points. The winners of the individual tournaments will earn an automatic qualification to the Tour Final.  The top 24 players in the ranking will also qualify for the Tour Final, to complete a field of 36 that will tee off for a minimum 5,000 EUR purse in the Tour Final which will include a strokeplay qualification and a knockout strokplay finals. Only a player's best 3 finishes in the qualifiers will count toward the overall ranking, allowing players flexibility in what events they can play. 

By using the same ranking system as above, players will have the opportunity to compete to become the WMF World Adventure Golf Tour rank #1.  

There is no additional cost to be a part of the Tour beyond the regular entry fees for the tournaments. This means anyone who is playing these tournaments will automatically have a WAGT ranking and may qualify for the Tour Final. 

“We at WMF are very happy to have found in Andrew Edmonds and Martin Cetkovsky thriving partners to run the World Adventure Golf Tour, an idea that has been on our desk since 2018. Very few know that we almost had a contract signed for a big tour final in China around the time of the WC 2019, but Covid suddenly changed all the plans. Now it is time to go ahead and WMF will do its best to support the tour managers and be involved in the organization of the Tour Final in early 2024. With various Adventure Golf tours currently ongoing all over the world it is time for WMF to bring on the global official tour.”   

“We are beyond thrilled to have united federations under the WMF umbrella across the world to bring players this new Tour concept. With the growing interest in Adventure Golf we believe now is the perfect time to start a global competition. We hope this can place Adventure Golf on par with the international series and championships that other respected sports have. It is also important to us that the ultimate goal is the advancement of the minigolf sport in general and adventure golf in particular, this is why we decided to make our organisation a non-profit and to ask for partnership with WMF.  For us, this is just the start of the WMF World Adventure Golf Tour. In future years, we would like to have more federations, more tournaments, live streaming, advertisements and make more prize money available to the players,” stated Martin Cetkovsky & Andrew Edmonds - Co-founders of WMF World Adventure Golf Tour. 

“This is an important step in the worldwide exposure of adventure golf,” remarked WMF Media Chair Pat Sheridan. “With the popularity of the World Adventure Golf Masters (WAGM) held each year, and many countries having robust Adventure Golf tours or tournaments, it only makes sense to unite them under one tour. It’s a great opportunity for us to showcase the breadth of the sport.” 

More information about the tour can be found at their official website www.WMFWAGTour.com.

See a copy of the full press release here.  This release can be shared with media organizations within your country. You can also find more information on the Tour YouTube channel.


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