WMF Seeks New Anti-Doping Officer

The current WMF Anti-Doping Officer, Karolína Jandová, is stepping down from her position and we are looking for qualified candidates to assist the WMF with this critical position. The position is mostly suitable for reliable and responsible candidates who have at least a basic understanding in the Anti-Doping field, medicine and Data Protection issues but any very motivated person with a high drive to learn new things and to support our lovely sport of minigolf also in this way is very welcome! The only specific condition is that you should be able to communicate fluently in English to understand WADA requests and WMF communication and information. The support from WMF is guaranteed - you will not have to learn anything from scratch!

Responsibilities of the position include:

  1. Cooperation with WADA about Anti-Doping issues and compliance of WMF to the WADA Code and International Standards
  2. Cooperation with Medical & Anti-Doping Committee especially about the new Testing Pool and yearly reports for the WMF Executive Committee meeting
  3. Cooperation with the WMF Executive and Presidential Committee about Anti-Doping issues
  4. Establishment of a new Testing Pool of Athletes for Out-of-Competition Testing each year
  5. Control of the Whereabouts of the TP Athletes and their compliance on the quarterly basis
  6. Coordination of the testing process - Out-of-Competition and In-Competition Testing for each year and communication with various Sample Collection Authorities
  7. Control of the Therapeutic Use Exemptions and communication with Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee
  8. Education of the players, coaches, parents, etc.
  9. Alternatively readiness to travel to the WADA Annual Symposium or attend their webinars and meetings

You can find more information about the WMF and Anti-Doping here.

In case you are interested, send a personal message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know. WMF will be happy to provide you with sufficient resources and information!

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