2nd WMF International Minigolf Speed Championships 2021

Part of the 7th CSIT World Sport Games 2021
Emilia Romagna, ITALY
1st - 6th June 2021

Dear Minigolf friends,

After a successful inaugural Minigolf Speed Championship in 2019, we invite players of all ages and abilities to register their interest for the second edition of this unique and exciting event which will take place from 1st to 6th of June 2021 in Emilia Romagna, Italy!

Speed Minigolf is a fun and fast alternative to traditional Minigolf. This new short form of the game combines mental endurance with putting accuracy – only perfection is good enough. Accelerate your game against the clock. Do you have what it takes to chase your opponent down before they catch you? All action and spectator-friendly, each discipline is about scoring hole-in-ones and moving onto the next lane FAST!

Over three competition days the participants are competing for medals in six age categories (three female + three male) across the three different speed disciplines. Preliminary rounds will be organized with start times in the morning until early afternoon, followed by the finals in late afternoon each day. The Minigolf lanes will be located in the heart of the event area, which guarantees a spectacular event for the participants and the media alike.

The WMF International Minigolf Speed Championships 2021 will be organized as a part of the CSIT World Sport Games 2021 ( This is a multi-sport event with around 5,000 participants from all over the world. CSIT, The International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation ( is a historic worldwide organization, recognized by the IOC. WMF is a partner organization of CSIT.

The REGISTRATION for minigolf players is only possible through the WMF (internal deadline is the 31st March 2021) and will be coordinated by Marc Chapman, the Chair of WMF Development Committee.

For more detailed information and to be added to the newsletter mailing list, please REGISTER YOUR INTEREST by contacting Marc by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with your Name, Date of Birth, Country, and Email Address.

There are a range of packages available from the organisers, from the basic participation fee of 120 Euros (which includes opening, closing ceremony and many additional benefits), to accommodation packages with full board in a selection of two, three, or four-star hotels. There is also the guarantee that If the organisers cancel the event due to Covid-19, all fees paid to the WMF will be refunded.

Furthermore please find attached a letter of CSIT President, how CSIT together with the local organizer is prepared to manage Covid-19 before and during the event. All described actions will convince you that this event is a great re-start of international minigolf at the final stadium of the pandemic.

The following three Speed Minigolf disciplines are planned (a shot clock will be used supported by light system):

3rd June 2021 - Discipline 1:            
As many shots as possible during 1 minute on one lane, short break to move to the next lane, only hole-in-ones count.

4th June 2021 - Discipline 2:
One round with 12 lanes one shot each lane, hole-in-one counts, max time 120 seconds for
the total round.

5th June 2021 - Discipline 3:
Chase: one player starts at lane 1 and the opponent starts at lane 7, a player can move to the next lane only after a hole-in-one from the tee off, the target is to catch the opponent, winner of the match is who holes in before his opponent holes in the lane in front of him.

The exact format of each day will be announced in time before the tournament begins.

The event is played with one official championship ball. This will make it simpler for external participants and to keep the conditions equal for everybody. Coaching during competition is not allowed.

You only have to bring your putter with you.

The 12 lanes are especially developed in a ‘miniaturegolf’ style but in a slightly smaller size than normal to allow more hole-in-ones, and to help the speed as these are the main factors of the event.

Please REGISTER YOUR INTEREST urgently if you are interested to take part in this progressive and different WMF event. The e-mail address for registering your interest is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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