The Second Round of Mini-Golf Media Cup

On Sept. 24, 2020 the second round of the Mini-Golf Media Cup was held at Mini-Golf site of Enghelab Sports Complex in Tehran with participation of more than 70 media people from 50 media.

"Iran Mini-Golf Association has accepted the role of the media as a pillar of development and has paid attention to their role.", Hamid Azizi, President of the Mini-golf Association,  at the closing ceremony of the Cup.

Mehrdad Jamshidi, remarked: “For the second year in a row, this competition has been held with the title of Mini-Golf Media Cup”.

The “Mini-Golf Media Cup” Competition was held last year for the first time, with participation of 100 people. This year, due to limits of Covid19 it was held with only 70 Mini-Golfers.

Among, members of the media, officials of the Golf Federation, Ms Mahin Farhadizad, Deputy Minister of Women's Affairs of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, Mr. Khosravi, Director General of Joint Affairs of the Federations, Sardar Ghasemi, Advisor to the Minister of Sports and Youth on Veterans Affairs and Amir Sedighi, President of the Federation Wushu.


The winners of these competition are as follows:

Women's section:
1- Mahya Shahsavari from Tasnim News Agency
2- Bahareh Mohammadi from Fars News Agency
3- Hajar Alizadeh, From Filmsazan-e Javan Institute

Men's section:
1- Akbar Dadashzadeh from Iran Newspaper
2- Siamak Khaji from Farhikhtegan Newspaper
3- Jafar Jeddi from Tasnim News Agency



Text and pictures by Mr. Mojtaba Safipoor, International Department Director, Iran Minigolf Association

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