U.S. Open 2016 Press Release

Pennsylvania, USA - On May 14 and 15, the U.S. Open was played at 'Putt U' club in Center Valley, PA. Records were set all weekend, beginning with over 70 people participating in the open field, which was the largest in U.S. Open history. It was also the toughest courses the U.S. Open has ever been played on which resulted in the highest winning scores of any U.S. Open. In the middle of these high scores, course records were also set, with 39s being shot on both the red and blue courses at 'Putt U'.

The tournament started with wonderful weather on Saturday but the scores were higher than expected for the pros. After 4 rounds (2 on the blue course and 2 on the red course - both of which have a local "par" of 57), Danny McCaslin held a one shot lead over Joey Graybeal. The rain held off on Saturday but the associated the cold front brought weather to Sunday's rounds that chilly, cloudy and windy, changing the course conditions for the final two rounds.

Graybeal, of Tennessee, caught up to McCaslin during the 5th round, the 3rd to be played on the blue course, setting up a one round showdown on the red course. With the scores of the final round close, Graybeal turned the tide of the tournament by acing the 14th hole, which is known as the "hardest hole in Pennsylvania." It's an 88 foot uphill shot, dodging rocks, sand traps, rough and the threat of water. After putting him in the lead, Graybeal just had to stay with McCaslin for the last 4 holes to secure the victory and $4,000 with a 250 for the 6 rounds.

Olivia Prokopova won the Women's division, coming in T-6th overall and Rick Culverhouse won the Senior's division, coming in 3rd overall. Prokopova and Graybeal also combined to win the Team competition.

Pat Sheridan
WMF Sport For All Committee
Editor-in-Chief, Minigolfnews.com

Official results: http://puttu.com/usopen/usopenscoring

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