U23 Youth Nations Cup Press Release

Bischofshofen, Austria - In a preview of the courses which will be the home of the Youth World Championships in August, the Under 23 Nations Cup was held the weekend of May 14 and May 15. Weather was a major story at the championship as the tournament was plagued by rains causing changes in schedule and two rain delays during Saturday's rounds. However, the weather cooperated for the afternoon, moving from rainy to windy to sunny making a "perfect test of the tournament organization and players' skill". In the end, players were able to complete 11 of the 12 scheduled rounds.

Five countries were represented in the team competition, with the home Austria sending 3 teams and there were 29 overall participants between the various youth and kids divisions.

Despite the changing weather conditions, some excellent scores were posted in the qualifying rounds including one 19. Although the home Austrians did well in the School Kids (under 15) division, taking 1st and 3rd, it was the German teams who steamrolled their way through the competition, first winning their groups and then dominating the semi-finals. Their only close match was against each other in the final, with the Germany 1 team winning by a slim margin as the two teams flip-flopped who won the last two rounds.

The top results are as follows:

National teams:

  1. Germany 1 (Pierre Bonacker, Sarah Schumacher, Johannes Lieber, Manuel Szablikowski)
  2. Germany 2 (Daniel Bärsch, Tobias Richter, Patricia Gras, Tristan Kleiner)
  3. Czech Republic (Boris Svoboda, Dominik Bertels, Ondrej Skaloud)

International Kids (U15) Championships (7 rounds):
(Only 7 rounds counted for championship but all 11 were played)

  1. Florian Haberl (AUT) 203
  2. Henrik Andersson (SWE) 217
  3. Lucas Schuster (AUT) 221

Top Males (11 Rounds):

  1. 1. Manuel Szablikowski (GER) 304
  2. Ondrej Skaloud (CZE) 304
  3. Johannes Lieber (GER) 309

Top Females (11 Rounds) :

  1. 1. Patricia Gras (GER) 317
  2. Sarah Schumacher (GER) 334
  3. Lisa-Marie Zitz (AUS) 369


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WMF Sport For All Committee
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