Consequences of doping

Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV) may result in one or more of the following (according to WADA Information and Education Guidelines):

  • Disqualification means the Person’s results in a particular Competition or Event are invalidated, with all resulting Consequences including forfeiture of any medals, points and prizes
  • Ineligibility means the Person is barred on account of ADRV for a specified period of time from participating in any Competition or other activity or funding as provided in WADA Code Article 10.12.1
  • Provisional Suspension means the Person is barred temporarily from participating in any Competition or activity prior to the final decision at a hearing conducted under WADA Code Article 8
  • Financial Consequences means a financial sanction imposed for ADRV or to recover costs associated with ADRV
  • Public Disclosure or Public Reporting means the dissemination or distribution of information to the general public or Persons beyond those Persons entitled to earlier notification in accordance with WADA Code Article 14. Teams in Team Sports may also be subject to Consequences as provided in WADA Code Article 11.


Most of the Prohibited Substances and Methods are used as medicaments for cure of severe diseases and when acting as doping substances or methods they are used in increased dosage which causes harms to the organism (the damage depends on type of the Prohibited Substance or Method, dose and regularity of use) and in some of the cases even death. Most of the medicaments have side effects which could lead the sport career to the end before it has even fully started.


These consequences can lead to many various situations - loss of any possible sponsorship, ruining of future career, disrupted relationships with family and friends (e.g. clean teammates would not like to compete with anyone associated with doping) or loss of psychological or emotional peace of mind together with loss of respect and credibility from other people.

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