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The Georgian Minigolf Federation celebrates

The Georgian Minigolf Federation are celebrating double achievements this month

Following active engagement with schools and universities, The Federation held ‘The Tbilisi City Hall Cup’ on 06 November 2017.

5 top universities in Georgia competed at the event held in Tbilisi City Hall; the event was covered by mainstream media and City Hall Press Corp, as well as print media from the universities.

Following this event the Minister of Culture and Sports of Georgia issued an order on 01 February 2018 recognising minigolf as a separate sport from golf.

As a result of this fantastic recognition the Georgian Minigolf Federation has worked so hard to achieve; The World Minigolf Sport Federation are proud to announce the 2018 WMF grant of 6 portable lanes from Gold Sponsor Minigolf35 has been awarded to The Georgian Minigolf Federation.

This follows an invitation to the young and small national federations of the WMF to submit an application for the lanes, with each federation being invited to report how the lanes would be used to promote minigolf in their countries.

The award will enable further development of student sport and several locations are currently being sourced where the lanes can be used.

Besarion Tediashvili, President of The Georgian Minigolf Federation said “our federation had received great support from the WMF and I cannot find enough words to express our appreciation for the effort Dr Zimmermann and Secretary General Silke Bernardi put in to support the forming of the Georgian Minigolf Federation. This recognition and the awarding of the 6 lanes will a more active participation in all WMF events.”

Minigolf World Championships 2019 in Zhouzhuang, China

Dear WMF Active Members, dear Athletes,

In Zaton we promised you the venue of the WC 2019 by the end of year 2017. We couldn't quite keep this promise, but we are now delighted and excited to be able to inform you that we have signed the contract for WC 2019 with the local organizer and China Minigolf Sport Federation (CMF). This means that the Minigolf World Championships will take place for the first time ever outside Europe in 2019. This is a consequent step in the development of WMF to make the game more global.

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WAGM 2018 invitation online and registrations opened

The official invitation to World Adventure Golf Masters 2018 in Horní Bezděkov / CZE has been published here. It is also available on the official championship website www.wagm2018.com. The fantastic homepage offers you on top of the invitation also an insight into the beautiful facilities of Adventure Golf Horní Bezděkov, accommodation information and of course pictures of the 18 lanes to be played!

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Happy New Year!!

Wishing you all the best for the

NEW YEAR 2018 !!

which should be full of healthiness, success, peace and friendship.

Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann
President WMF

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Today we are taking a look at a bit of the landscape of minigolf sport in Poland. If you missed it, at the Liepaja Open at the end of February, Robert Politowski broke the Polish record on miniaturegolf by shooting a 20. You can find the original post on the Minigolf Club Mazovia Warszawa Facebook page. While reporting that news is brief, we thought it good to let you know a little more about the sport scene in that country. There are currently feature about 50 active players in 6 minigolf sports clubs in Poland (Minigolf Club Mazovia Warsaw, Minigolf Club Sopot, Minigolf Sports Club Kołobrzeg, Minigolf Krynica Morska Sports Club, Minigolf Club Kwidzyn and the newly created sports section Minigolf Cekcyn). There are a few major tournaments during the year in Poland, with the Polish Championship about to run it's 19th edition and there being...
Continuing our re-post of the youth interviews from the WMF Youth Facebook page, we have an interview with Sarah Schumacher out of Germany. She was a winner on the female side in last year's stroke-play at the YEC. In case you missed the first in the series, you can catch it here. The following interview can also be found here. Club: 1. MGC Tuttlingen Birth year: 1999 Q1: How and when did you start to play Minigolf? SS: I started playing Minigolf when I was a little kid. I don’t remember exactly but I think I was 7 or 8 years old. My dad also played Minigolf since he was little. When he went to competitions, my parents took me with them very often where my mum and I supported him. So, I have been surrounded by Minigolf my whole life. Then when...
If you haven't seen it yet, the World Minigolf Sport Federation has launched a new Youth Facebook page that will focus on sharing the accomplishments of the many talented youth around the world that play miniature golf. We encourage everyone that is a fan of this site to like that new page to help support this venture. To kick off their new page, they will be running a series of interviews with some great youth players. We will be re-posting those interviews here to help ensure they get the widest possible audience so we can showcase the next generation of our sport. The following interview can also be found here. First up, its last years male winner of the strokeplay in YEC in Askim, James Lindström from Sweden. Club: Tantogårdens BGK Birth year: 1998 Q1: How and when did you start to play Minigolf? JL: When...

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